Mariko Can Teach You How to Audition for Commercials                   


Mariko will put the audition process in perspective; with almost 30 years of experience in Casting and a delightfully insightful sense of humor, learn the skills that will help you flourish in your career and your life.


* Beginners…who want to be put on the right path.

* Working Actors…who rarely get call backs.

* Seasoned Actors…who get call backs but rarely book.

Skype allows us to work in the comfort of your own home, and permits an affordable rate because no studio rental is involved.

Make an appointment with Mariko by emailing her and include your phone number in the email.  We will discuss exactly what your needs are. Offer up a few different time choices: Monday thru Friday after 7pm or, with great flexibility on Saturdays and Sundays. Once your SKYPE session has been booked, we simply exchange Skype Names and you make your payment on-line, that’s all there is to it!

Mariko will email you commercial copy the day before your Skype session…giving you just the right amount of time to treat it like an authentic audition…and the next day, when your Skype session begins, we will treat it just like an audition. In the second half of the hour, you will be given a new piece of commercial copy and you will work through the copy with Mariko, reinforcing the process that you will learn to do on your own.