“Your Life as an Actor”
 … An on-going conversation with Mariko Ballentine

Mariko has been casting commercials and teaching actors for almost 30 years, and has auditioned literally thousands of actors. This is a very people oriented calling. Mariko has a deep understanding of human nature and knows how to get the very best out of people. In the last couple of years her “Acting Seminars” have taken on a new bent of sorts. While many great acting teachers focus on the technical aspects of acting, Mariko has been focused on the intangible…what happens inside of the hearts and minds of an actor that allows them to flourish or be defeated.  Let Mariko change the way you look at things, and let your career flourish!

WED MAY 22nd ~ 7:00 to 10:00 pm          
THE ACTORS KEY BURBANK                      
ONLY $32    
 Limited Seating

How do you keep motivated in a “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” business?

How to you shift your perceptions about commercial auditioning…or how to turn your lemons  into lemonade.

What can a Theater Major in College do right now to prepare for a career in acting?

When should I get an agent?  And how do I go about doing so?

Extrinsic rewards versus intrinsic rewards… what does that mean?

I get tons of Call Backs, but never book.

I used to book all the time, what happened?

Why isn’t my agent getting me out?

I hate Networking, is it really necessary?

When should I join SAG?

And Much More!

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