Mariko loves working with Actors and has been Casting Commercials since 1984. Today she continues to leave no stone left unturned in order to find just the right Talent for her Clients.

Directors Mariko Has Worked With

Ron Phillips
Jerry Pope
Richard Reens
Jason Reitman
Dave Roberts
Mark Taylor
John Urie
Leo Zahn
Mark Zavad
Tom Finnerty
Andy Gallerani
Cellin Gluck
Barry Kirk
Todd Korgan
David Kudell
Brandon Kusher
Colin McGreal
Matthew Meshekoff
John Alper
Jim Ayers
Gavin Bowden
Michael Cerny
Kevin Costello
Boris Damast
Stan Dragoti
Rick Dublin
Barry Dukoff

“Mariko has been directing my commercial auditions in Los Angeles since 1995. I trust her to direct in the way I would do so myself. If I can’t make the call back, I know that all I have to do is give Mariko specific notes, and she takes the care to get the job done. It’s always fun to see her work with an actor. She can get amazing performances out of actors and I’m always pleasantly surprised by the simplest suggestion she gives to an actor that makes such a big difference in their audition.”-Dave Roberts, Director – Southwest Productions
Albuquerque, New Mexico